Get answers to frequently asked questions here.

Get Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Here

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  1. How many athletes will be at camp?

    To best serve needs of the athletes attending our camps, we must limit the number of registrations. Summer camps may accept a maximum of 40 athletes. Pre-season camps may accept a maximum of 24 athletes. None of our camps are co-ed.

  2. What will we learn and do at camp?

    The Basketball Edge creates a quality program by placing a high priority on teaching, motivating, and encouraging athletes to become better basketball players in a safe environment. The training opportunities are aligned with the Canada Basketball approach to developing young basketball players.  In addition to this, athletes will be taught how to SCHAPE the basketball world and to help Grow The Game!.

    For more information, have a look at The Player’s Edge and the Edge Experience in our camps section.

  3. Do you offer non-basketball activities during camp?

    We proudly offer a wide-variety of basketball activities with timely Interactive talks that provide opportunities for athletes to be the very best they can be both on and off the court. Come to camp ready to learn as much as you can about basketball, make new friends and develop your basketball skills.

    For athletes attending our summer camps, you are more than welcome to bring social games or playing cards that you may use at lunch to make new friends.

  4. Will there be a final report or assessment?

    The Basketball Edge has mature and professional coaching staff that takes an interest in an athlete’s basketball dreams and as such will use a variety of best practice coaching methods. Athletes are encouraged to give their best effort and get more skilled rather than focus on the end of game result.

    Providing essential feedback at the right time helps motivate, encourage the desired performance, discourage the less desired performance, and accelerates athlete improvement. Ongoing performance feedback is provided at every session.

    Athletes are often involved in the process by having to answer questions such as: What did you like? What went well? What could be improved? How? What should be stopped? What should be continued? What could be done differently?

    This creates a safe environment where athletes learn and grow without the fear of making mistakes.

  5. How do I register and make payment?

    Simply download and fill out a registration form, send it in, make your payment. Payment can be made by cheque or e-transfer. Post dated payments are not accepted. We do not accept payment via PayPal or credit card at this time. 

    Once your registration form and payment are received, we will contact you with more information.

  6. The camp is sold out, how do I get on the waiting list?

    Simply do the same as you would to register for the camp. Let us know that you wish to be added to the waiting list. When a cancellation is received we contact the athletes on the waiting list in the order that they signed up. Once the athlete accepts to fill the spot, we will process the payment.

  7. What happens if I need to cancel my registration?

    While we would be sad to see you go, you can of course cancel your registration. All registrations are for the named player and are non-transferable. We ask that all cancellations be put in writing. Cancellation fees will depend on your selected camp and when you cancel.

    Summer Camp Cancellation and Refund:
    Prior to June 1 will receive a full refund less a $50 administrative fee.
    Between June 1 and June 23, will receive a credit of 50% to apply toward another Basketball Edge camp.
    After June 23 there will be no refund

    Fall Pre-Season Camp Cancellation and Refund:
    Prior to September 1 will receive a full refund less a $50 administrative fee.
    After September 1 there will be no refund.

  8. Our vacation plans have changed and I will miss a day of camp, do we get a refund?

    We ask you to advise us of your absence ahead of time. Registration fees are for the complete camp as described in camp schedule and no refund will be provided for missed days or portions of camp.

  9. Do you have before/after summer camp supervision?

    The Basketball Edge has access to the schools for the camp hours. The doors to the facility are usually open a few minutes before camp starts and they remain open for a few minutes at the conclusion of the day. Our staff is not available for before/after camp supervision.

  10. My child is new to the sport of Basketball, is summer camp right for them?

    Players of all levels of ability may attend summer camp. Athletes are grouped for all drills and games. We caution you however, that this is a BASKETBALL camp. We do basketball activities all day; so it is important for you to understand and be prepared for the level of engagement and activity required. Come to camp ready to learn as much as you can about basketball, make new friends and develop your basketball skills.

  11. My child has some experience, is the fall pre-season camp right for them?

    This camp is designed for grade 10-12 experienced basketball players wanting to discover their limits, build decision-making skills and most of all looking to bring their game to a higher level. This camp starts with essential decision making, and quickly moves into competitive situations and games which allows for the athletes to apply their new skills. 

    This camp focuses on developing essential technical skills and is not for a beginner player. Players attending this camp love basketball, practice on their own time, are extremely motivated to learn, are looking to refine their basic skills and have a desire to compete. These players already have basic FUNdamental skills.

    Should this not appeal to you or not describe you, then the camp is probably not for you.