what is the basketball edge experience

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The Basketball Edge offers a program that is based on the Canada Basketball Athlete Development Model.  The model was developed by leading sport scientists, experts on growth and development, basketball leaders and coaches from across the country and the world.  Individual athlete development is a theme at The Basketball Edge.

coaching team

The Basketball Edge has mature and professional coaching staff that takes an interest in an athlete’s basketball dreams. Most of our coaches are professionals certified by the National Coaching Certification Program of Canada.

We bring together a group of experienced coaches who have the ability to create a safe environment to learn, demonstrate a love for the game and enjoy working together. This enthusiasm is contagious and is the foundation for teaching basic fundamental skills, drills and performance enhancement strategies needed for athletes and to progress to a higher level of competition. We refer to this as The Basketball Edge.


planning for success

We use a variety of best practice coaching methods:

  • Develop fundamental body movements and core strength
  • Develop individual fundamental basketball skills
  • Develop essential technical basketball skills
  • Develop global principles to be a playmaker both on offense and defense
  • Develop multi-skills to play more than one position
  • Maximize activity, learning, and enjoyment
  • Learn to SCHAPE the basketball world

We believe that athletes need to learn how to play offense and defense rather than to learn a specific offense or a specific defense!

Making a difference

The Basketball Edge creates a quality program by placing a high priority on teaching, motivating, and encouraging athletes to become better basketball players in a safe environment. The training opportunities are aligned with the Canada Basketball approach to developing young basketball players.  In addition to this, athletes will be taught how to SCHAPE the basketball world.

  • Athletes acquire the skill with immediate coaching feedback.
  • Technical reads are implemented as soon as the athlete is ready.
  • Competitive practice situations and games conclude our sessions.

it all began 21 years ago

Summer Camps • Coaching Clinics • Pre-Season Camps • On Your Court Events • More than 2000 athletes have been a part of the journey

The Basketball Edge has established a reputation of excellence that extends beyond the boundaries of it’s home base in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada.

We are happy to say that athletes from all across this province and country have attended The Basketball Edge camps. There have even been a few international athletes attend our camps.

We are proud to be a step on the pathway to college and university programs for many athletes and coaches that have participated at The Basketball Edge.

Some of the programs include:

Concordia University of Edmonton    •    MacEwan University

Mount Royal University    •    Northern Alberta Institute of Technology – NAIT

Red Deer College    •    The Kings University

University of Alberta    •    Augustana – Campus of the University of Alberta